Metis Ninja Rewards Platform

Introducing the BlockChat Metis Ninja Rewards Platform!

The Metis Ninjas were the main funding source for building the original MVP of BlockChat Platform. Without the support of the Metis Community BCD would not be what it is without them. As a thank you and appreciation of the loyal Metisians who supported us, we are rewarding them with the $BCD just by holding the NFTs in your wallet. No need to stake them, the contract will read your wallet and determine how much $BCD you earn based on the amount of Ninjas you have in your wallet.

The Ninja Rewards tokens will end in Feb 2025 or until the tokens allocated to the Ninjas has depleted.

It's super easy to claim your monthly reward tokens.

  1. Connect the wallet holding the Metis Ninja NFTs

  2. View what you can claim for that month

  3. Claim Reward Tokens

  4. Done ✅

  5. Repeat next month

Progressive Reward Structure:

Each Ninja will increase by 8 BCD.

Mint your own Metis Ninja:

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