How to buy (multiple ways)

Some users are new to Decentralised Exchange (DEX) buying so learning the ins-and-outs of purchasing a token that isn't on a Centralised Exchange (CEX) can sometimes be a tricky first step.

We have outlined a couple of different ways you can purchase BlockChat below.

Version 1: Buying Metis from a CEX

Purchasing Metis on a CEX and sending directly to Metamask is the fastest way to get into Andromeda. Not every CEX supports Metis, so we've listed a few below and all you have to do is buy Metis and send it directly to Metamask and swap it for BCD on Once you have Metis in your wallet you can followStep 6: Buying BCD from Version 2: Bridging to Metis Andromeda.

CEX that support Metis Andromeda:

  • OKX (

  • App (

  • Kucoin (

  • Gate_io (

  • Bitget (

  • MEXC (

Version 2: Bridging to Metis Andromeda

Step 1: Create or Access Your Metamask Wallet

If you haven't already, install the Meta Mask browser extension and create a wallet or log in to your existing one.

Install Meta Mask

Step 2: Buying funds from a CEX

  • Sign into your preferred CEX where you plan to buy the funds (eg. Binance, Coinbase)

  • Navigate to the trading section o f the exchange and select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase. In this case we are using Coinbase to purchase USDC on the Arbitrum network.

  • This also works when using BNB on the Binance Smart Chain and other ERC20 chains.

  • Follow the prompts to buy the desired amount of cryptocurrency using your preferred payment method (eg., bank transfer, credit/debit card)

  • If you are buying through Australian exchange like SwyftX or Coinspot, you need to make sure you're sending the funds using ERC20. Arbitrum is an ERC20 blockchain compatible with Metamask.

Step 3: Withdraw funds to your Metamask wallet

  • After purchasing the cryptocurrency on the CEX, locate the withdrawal or "send" option on the exchange.

  • Enter the recipient address, which is your Metamask wallet address. To find your Metamask wallet address, open Metamask, click on the account you want to use, and then click on "Copy" (two blue squares) next to the wallet address to copy it to your clipboard.

  • Double-check that you've entered the correct Metamask wallet address to avoid any errors.

  • Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw/send to your Metamask wallet.

  • Review the withdrawal details, including the recipient address and withdrawal fee, then confirm the withdrawal/send transaction.

  • Because we are sending USDC on Arbitrum we need to add the Arbitrum network to our Metamask wallet. To do this, we need to visit a website called

Step 4: Adding 2 new networks

  • We are going to add Arbitrum One & Metis Andromeda networks to Metamask

  • Open in your preferred web browser (where Metamask is installed) or Metamask browser on your phone and visit

  • Connect your wallet and in the search bar type in Arbitrum

  • Click on "Add to Metamask" on the "Arbitrum One" card. This will open up your wallet to confirm you want to add the new network to your list of networks. After you've signed for the new network you can search for the second network: Metis Andromeda.

  • After you have added both networks lets swap the main network on Metamask to Arbitrum One.

  • Click on the little drop down in the top left of your Metamask wallet and click on Arbitrum One

  • Now that we have the right network selected we need to add the USDC contract to our wallet so we can see the funds we sent to the wallet.

  • First you need to copy this Contract Address: 0xaf88d065e77c8cC2239327C5EDb3A432268e5831

  • Click on Import Token in your Metamask wallet

  • After you click on import token, paste in the USDC Contract Address - it will automatically fill out the rest of the fields. Click on Next, this will add the token to your wallet and you will be able to see the USDC you sent from Coinbase (or your preferred CEX) to this wallet.

  • Please Note: Metamask is a digital wallet compatible with the Ethereum standard. It is designed to support decentralized application tokens on the Ethereum network, which means it can support all coins based on the ERC20 standard. The ERC20 standard allows developers to create their own tokens on the Ethereum network.

  • Now that you have access to the funds you sent from your CEX to the Metamask wallet, it's time to bridge these funds to Andromeda.

Step 5: Bridging to Andromeda

  • After you've connected your wallet you need to bridge the USDC on Arbitrum to USDC on Metis which is m.USDC

  • The From is the Network (Arbitrum) the In is the USDC you have sitting in your wallet

  • The To should be Metis and the Out should be m.USDC, as below

  • Approve the USDC to bridge and it will convert from Arbitrum USDC to Andromeda m.USDC

  • Now that the USDC is bridged, you will need to import the m.USDC token to your Metis Andromeda Wallet by using this Contract Address: 0xEA32A96608495e54156Ae48931A7c20f0dcc1a21

  • Now that you have successfully bridged your USDC from Arbitrum to Andromeda you can Swap it for $BCD

Step 6: Buying BCD

  • The most rewarding part of this whole process is now having funds on Andromeda to buy $BCD BlockChat Token.

  • Navigate to or visit here for a direct swap with $BCD

  • Connect your wallet and setup the swap trade for m.USDC as the From token and To token should be BCD. Because it's the first time buying BCD you will need to enter the Contract Address: 0xC029adf62Cf8F91985c49e1FDe6900affcBa0424 this will prompt you with a warning are you sure you want to import this token. Make sure you only use the exact contract address from above.

  • Enter in your desired amount of m.USDC or Metis and progress with the purchase of BCD by clicking on swap. This will prompt your wallet to sign for the transaction and swap your m.USDC to BCD.

  • Now that you have swapped your m.USDC or Metis (if you have Metis) you can add the token to your wallet the same way you've imported USDC. Paste in this address to your Metamask Import Token section and you will see your new balance of BCD.

  • BlockChat Contract Address: 0xC029adf62Cf8F91985c49e1FDe6900affcBa0424

  • You can easily buy Metis doing the same process on Netswap by using your m.USDC to swap for Metis tokens.

I hope you found this informative and easy to follow.

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