Introduction to BCD

The moment you have all been waiting for!

BlockChat is an EVM compatible communication and collaboration platform that is on a path of progressive decentralisation, we harness the power of Blockchain technology for anonymity during your sign-in using your Ethereum wallet and host our platform on AWS.

At this time, BlockChat is not fully decentralised. The platform runs on AWS, like many traditional platforms. However, we plan on decentralising over time after Web 3 infrastructure becomes mature enough to support a platform like this. Our strategy is to focus on UX now so that we can further develop the product-market fit, gain trust, and build a great community platform that communities can feel comfortable moving to.

Due to the nature of the platform, every action performed would initiate a transaction event; this could be after you create a BlockChat, upvote/downvote a post, upload an image, comment on a BlockChat etc. This is an extremely unpleasant user experience. Our goals are to bring the platform directly onto the which is an open network that lets users buy and sell computing resources securely and efficiently. Purpose-built for public utility directly on the blockchain. The only data stored in databases are the messages created in a BlockChat.

The communication platforms that Web 3 communities currently use are poorly optimised for their needs. They are either information-inefficient or not scalable, and they lack security. They have become a fire hose of notifications, making it easy to become overwhelmed and impossible to stay caught up with more than two or three communities.

The platform combines messaging, social networking, forum creation and posting, and decentralised autonomous organizations (DAOs) to create a new kind of social media experience that is private, secure, and community-driven. In this whitepaper, we will detail the features and benefits of BlockChat DAO, as well as our development roadmap and timeline, tokenomics, and breakdown of sections of the platform.

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